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गृहपृष्ठ DDA permits use of Chinese CoronaVac vaccine in country

DDA permits use of Chinese CoronaVac vaccine in country

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The Department of Drugs Administration (DDA) has allowed the use of CoronaVac vaccine produced by the Beijing-based Sinovac Life Sciences Co. Ltd. The vaccine use was approved acting on the documents produced by Biomatrix Pvt. Ltd, a Nepal-based subsidiary company of the Sinovac. Director General of the Department, Bharat Bhattarai has confirmed the approval for the vaccine use in Nepal.
Following this, Biomatrix has asked for permission to supply the vaccine to Nepal. One million doses of the vaccine will be supplied for now. Application has been filed seeking permission for the supply, said director of the Biomatrix BK Bhandari. The Biomatrix has set the vaccine price at Rs 2,100 per dose, inclusive of transportation costs.
“We have asked for permission for the supply at the earliest possible to prevent and control the infection hand in hand with the Government of Nepal and the people after the Department granted use of CoronaVac vaccine. We expect permission for the supply until Sunday,” he said.
“We are in constant contact with the vaccine producing company. It pledged to supply one million doses in 20 days. We will supply all doses during the period”, he further shared.
The Biomatrix has constructed a storage hut to store the vaccine in Kathmandu.
Earlier, the Department has permitted the use of varicella vaccine produced by the Chinese company, Sinopharm. The World Health Organisation has a week ago approved the use of CoronaVac in emergency.
The WHO has so far approved the use of two vaccines in emergency in Nepal. CoronaVac has been used in Chili, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Turkey and Thailand. The vaccine has cent percent positive results wherein vaccinated people did not show COVID-19 symptoms and they did not get serious illness after inoculation, according to international media.
People above 18 are eligible for inoculation, according to the WHO. China has provided 1.8 million doses of varicella vaccine in grant in two installments. Likewise, neighbouring India has provided 1 million doses of Covishield.

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